to Yesteryear Classic Auto!

We have been in the Tulsa area for over eighteen years and have been in the classic car industry the entire time. We have restored cars brought to us from many states from the west coast to the east coast.

Another source for individual muscle car enthusiasts not finding what they desire for sale have come to us and purchased project muscle cars we try to keep in our inventory for just such an occasion.

Our cars have been featured in the National Chevelle Association magazine as a centerfold car and highlighted in other National magazines. We have also had our cars featured as calender cars. Our high quality restorations have prompted many customers to do repeat business with us doing multiple cars. As many as five cars.

Yesteryear Classic Autos has restored for a very warm caring customer in the Chicago area and four frame off restored cars for an outstanding customer from Scottsdale Arizona and has become a very good friend.

We have restored cars for leaders in the Computer Software Industry and U.S. Congressmen and owners of National Franchise companies. And yes we have done many cars for the hard working family man wanting the car of his dreams.

Often times we have heard wives telling us it is about time for their husband to get his dream car after serving his families needs for all his life. We have started the process with many customers and these very same people have become some of our closest friends for life.

The old car industry is full of wonderful people all sharing the same dream of yesteryear and days gone by. Here at Yesteryear Classic Autos we make dreams come true. Our invitation is always out for anyone to come and tour our 20,000 sq ft facility and usually six to nine cars can be seen at anyone time, from the beginning to the end of a restoration process. We feel our paint jobs are second to none and that has been demonstrated at the Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale Arizona.

Our invitation is out to you to call us or better yet , come visit us and we would love to make another great friend.

We are located only six miles from the Tulsa International Airport and would only be too happy to pick you up at the airport and save you the hassle of renting a car and returning it.

Or if you are planning a stay in Tulsa we can give you easy directions to our facility.

From all of us here at Yesteryear Classic Autos we want to thank you for viewing our website and hope to see you soon.